URGENT MESSAGE! We need your presence at the Town of Islip Board Meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 23, at 2PM. We need a huge attendance, and we need some of you to comment about the hundreds of parking meters installed in our Downtown parking lots that you must now use to shop, eat, or patronize a business in Bay Shore. At the last Town Board meeting this Board decided that Islip Hamlet will no longer be receiving the meter program. Neither will any other downtowns in Islip. So this Town Board is forcing only Bay Shore to pay additional taxes! Is this fair? NO…IS THIS DISCRIMINATORY TAXATION! We suggest it is!! Let your voice be heard tomorrow. Those of you who choose to speak have up to 3 minutes. Just a brief statement of opposition to the meters is sufficient.
Since 2014 when John Cochrane proposed this parking meter program, we have cooperated with the Town…We, Bay Shore residents and business persons are paying fees for parking at the Train Station, fees for parking at the Marina, fees for parking at Maple Avenue and starting last year, fees for parking on Main Street. As if this was not enough, now we must pay for spaces in the Downtown lots. We must make the Board finally understand that we have had enough.
At a meeting with Angie Carpenter and John Cochrane to discuss this additional burden on Bay Shore, we asked them to consider starting these meters at 6 PM. With this starting time employees could park for free up to 6 PM, as well as all other Bay Shore patrons. This is the program used in Patchogue. Carpenter and Cochrane refused to change their minds. All they are concerned about is additional revenues for Islip.
Tomorrow involves only one hour of your time. Give up your lunch hour. Rearrange your day. Don’t count on someone else to come. Bring your friends. Everyone must make an effort to be there since Newsday will have a reporter at this meeting! Our organization needs all of our members to be proactive, all of our community to be proactive. Instead of complaining we must act! Please no excuses. Let us remember that this is Bay Shore, a hamlet once capable of moving mountains. If necessary we shall do so again!!