Representing almost all religious denominations, our churches and synagogues serve the spiritual needs and welfare of the community. More than 20 recognized houses of worship co-exist in Greater Bay Shore including Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and independent faiths.

The doors are open to all faiths in Bay Shore…United Methodist Church, Bethel A.M.E. Church, Bay Shore Jewish Centre, St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, and many others grace the town

The Interfaith Clergy Association interacts to unite and enhance a mutual respect and understanding of the different faiths. It also provides counsel on community issues and offers extensive outreach programs to ensure that all community members are positively supported when there is need. Whether one of the historically important structures built in the 19th century or a modern edifice, the houses of worship in Greater Bay Shore offer ONE VISION OF SERVICE AMONG MANY WELCOME FAITHS.